Moles – Something of Beauty or an inconvenient hindrance

Mole Removal – is it for everyone? Moles have been with us for centuries. We can see the beautiful paintings of bygone years portraying royalty, gentry and those of supposed lesser standing, with facial imperfections such as moles. Moles on the upper class were deemed to be a beauty symbol…

Mole Removal – is it for everyone?

Moles have been with us for centuries. We can see the beautiful paintings of bygone years portraying royalty, gentry and those of supposed lesser standing, with facial imperfections such as moles. Moles on the upper class were deemed to be a beauty symbol and lesions that were almost a sign of importance and stature. Nowadays, we believe that the hierarchy in those days, had no means of removing the moles and as such showed them off gallantly as a status symbol and indeed, one of beauty.

In 2023 Moles, to many men, ladies and others, are generally an inconvenience, an eyesore, an imperfection, an embarrassment and annoying. A minority embrace their moles, as quite rightly, can indeed be a beautiful feature of one’s face.

So here we will look at how Moles are generally regarded as an inconvenient hindrance and what can be done to remove them.

In prominent areas of the face and body Moles can become an embarrassment and an imperfection that causes the individual to be conscious of the mole presence causing a lack of self-esteem and confidence when be seen closely by others.

Moles can also be in particular areas of the body that are liable to cause discomfort due to “getting caught” by clothing or a comb / hairbrush. As we age, some existing moles can get larger and some new one’s will develop. The flatter moles can cause no issues when wearing clothing or brushing hair, but the more raised developing moles can be reasons for concern and will often bleed if caught. Once removed accidently, they will reappear and can often be larger than before.

What is a Mole?

Moles are scientifically known as Nevi. They are common skin growths or skin lesions that, as mentioned, can appear on any part of your face or body. Typically, they are small, pigmented spots caused by the clustering of Melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing your skin colour (Melanin). Most Moles are harmless but may vary in size, shape, and colour. Moles –

What do Moles look like?

Moles will generally emerge during childhood or adolescence and may continue to develop or darken over time. They can show up in a variety of shades, ranging from light brown to black. Although moles are commonly circular or oval-shaped, their appearance can be irregular, with distinct edges or even blending into the surrounding skin. In some cases, hair may grow from the mole.

What are moles and how can they be removed?


Can Moles be removed by my doctor or the NHS in the UK?

Mole removal is deemed, in 2023, as a cosmetic procedure in the UK, meaning it is not covered by the NHS. The only way to have Moles professionally removed is to speak to a Mole removal expert such as a Dermatologist or a Mole removal specialist such as Skin Revision in Beaconsfield, Bucks. Due to potential health issues surrounding the condition of a Mole, a doctor’s note is required, confirming that the mole does not pose any medical concerns and the removal is purely for cosmetic purposes. The team at Skin Revision places utmost importance on your well-being, and with the necessary documentation, we can proceed with confidence, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

A dermatologist will be able to also determine if the Mole is benign or one to be considered for a biopsy. However, dermatologists are private and often come with a significant cost attached for the removal of Moles. Skin Revision, for example, offers Mole removal at a significantly cheaper cost to the individual patient.

Can the Moles be removed on children?

Mole removal at Skin Revision is exclusively available for individuals aged 18 years and above. Our Mole removal specialist will assess each individual, with a doctor’s note, and treat with the maximum safety and effectiveness for all their adult patients. Younger individuals or children under the age of 18 with concerns about their Moles are encouraged to wait until they reach the eligible age, allowing their skin to mature and facilitate more precise treatments.

How many treatments are needed to remove Moles?

During your Moles assessment at the Buckinghamshire clinic, you will be given realistic expectations of the number of treatments expected to remove the relevant Moles permanently and for the skin to be left blemish-free and flawless in skin colour.  Skin Revision suggests that larger or more stubborn moles, may need up to three treatments to achieve the desired outcome.  The clinic is committed to providing you with exceptional care throughout your journey to Mole-free skin.

Are Moles cancerous?

You or your partner should check for Moles regularly, especially as you get older. If your Mole is showing signs of irregular shape or colour that is changing over time, then it is highly advisable to see your doctor or GP asap to get them checked. They will advise whether a second opinion is needed from an NHS specialist if they deem the Mole to be potentially cancerous.  If they can give assurances that the Moles are benign, then you can make the decision as to whether to seek to get them removed by a skin expert or leave alone.

Doctor checking moles


How are the Moles treated and removed?

Cryotherapy and VeinAway

At Skin Revision, they offer two cutting-edge solutions to effectively treat and remove moles: CryoPen Cryotherapy and VeinAway. During your Mole assessment it will be determined which procedure will work the most effectively for your Mole removal.

CryoPen: This medical-grade Cryotherapy treatment is a non-invasive and swift procedure that involves freezing the unwanted Mole using liquid nitrogen. This process causes the Mole’s cells to disintegrate, allowing a new, Mole-free layer of skin to emerge in its place. The CryoPen treatment is safe, virtually painless, and requires minimal downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities almost immediately.

Mole removal with CryoPen


Skin Revision will carefully assess your unique case to determine the number of sessions required for optimal results. In most cases, up to three sessions are sufficient to bid farewell to those pesky moles.

Mole removal with VeinAway


VeinAway: VeinAway is another revolutionary medical-grade advanced treatment that effectively addresses your Mole removal. Using advanced radiofrequency technology, VeinAway precisely targets the Mole, coagulating the blood vessels that supply it with nutrients. Effectively this causes the Mole to fade away and die-off over a period of time. Similarly, to CryoPen, the Skin expert at the clinic will customise the number of VeinAway sessions required based on the characteristics of the Mole.

Is the treatment and removal of the Moles painful?

The thought of undergoing a mole removal treatment may raise concerns about discomfort. At Skin Revision, we prioritise your comfort and take every measure to ensure a painless experience. Our Mole removal procedures typically involve minimal discomfort. For patients with sensitive areas, such as the scalp or genitals, we use a local anaesthetic numbing cream to further enhance your comfort during the treatment.

Mole assessment and treatment at Skin Revision - Mole clinic Beaconsfield Bucks


What should one do after the Mole treatment?

It is vitally important to stick to the strict aftercare instructions as prescribed by the skin expert. Failure to do so will compromise the success of the treatment and indeed may make the appearance of the Mole worse. The important aspects to bear in mind will be aspects such as.

  • Keep the treated area out of direct sun light after each treatment and until the Mole has disappeared.
  • Do not use a foundation to cover the treated area.
  • Only wash the treated area with water
  • Do not use any abrasives on or around the treated area.
  • Do not rub the treated area.

Where can I have the treatment for Mole removal?

We would recommend the Skin expert at Skin Revision. They are based in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire and look after the skin concerns of people in the surrounding towns and villages to Beaconsfield. These will include, Gerrards Cross, High Wycombe, Amersham, Marlow, Cookham, Bourne End, Holtspur, Taplow, Burnham, Maidenhead, Slough, Penn, Knotty Green, Forty Green, Jordans and Seer Green.


Your journey to Mole-free, radiant skin starts at Skin Revision in Beaconsfield. Skin Revision is dedicated to providing you with the best care, ensuring your safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

Say farewell to unwanted Moles and embrace the beauty that lies beneath. Experience minimal discomfort and the expertise of the expert at Skin Revision. If you reside in Beaconsfield or the neighbouring towns and villages, allow Skin Revision to be your trusted partner on your journey to flawless, radiant skin.

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