Indian Skin Treatments

Indian and Asian skin treatments

Indian Skin Treatments

It would seem to be relatively normal in the western world, that most skin treatments seem to be focused on how they can improve whiter and fairer skin tones. However, treating other skin tones, skin colour and darker skin types, such as Indian skin, is very common at Skin Revision and something that we have many years of experience with in Beaconsfield.

The best treatments for Indian skin may include DMK skin revision, chemical, skin peels, SQT bio-microneedling, hydra facial, plasma or Dermalux Tri Wave MD Light Therapy



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Indian and Asian skin treatments

Common Indian Skin concerns.

The most common skin concerns for Indian skin types, tends to be acne, acne scaring, blackheads, congestion, compromised skin, uneven skin tones / uneven colour, and pigmentation, (common around the eyes and mouth) xanthelasma and milia.

Unlike caucasian (white) skin tones and colour, Indian skin will generally tan more easily, which often means that sun damage on the skin is created in the earlier stages of ones’ life.

According to Dr Aanchal Panth (consultant dermatologist), Indian skin is more prone to develop dark spots, melasma, and uneven skin tone. This is based on the presence of melanin (the pigment that is responsible for colouring the hair, eyes and of course, skin.

Indian and Asian skin treatments man
Indian and Asian skin treatments

Why does Indian skin suffer?

In general, their Indian skin types have been exposed to a large number of UV rays. UV rays from the sun are the biggest cause of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and premature ageing of the skin. However, there are other possible reasons why Indian and Asian skin types and skin colour can suffer for poor skin health. Such as:

  • Genetics – The genetic makeup of Indian skin can make it more susceptible to certain skin conditions. For example, individuals with darker skin tones produce more melanin, which can lead to hyperpigmentation.
  • The environment
  • Pollution
  • Poor diet (those high in sugar, dairy and carbohydrates) can lead to acne and acne scars
  • Drying chemical and irritants in soaps and cosmetics
  • Hormonal imbalances are likely to cause acne and pigmentation in Indian and Asian skin. This may include polycystic ovarian syndrome in women
  • Humid temperatures
  • Changing of hot to cold temperatures
Indian and Asian skin treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best treatments for Indian skin?

DMK Skin Revision Programme – DMK work within the Indian or Asian skin’s own body chemistry. Acne and acne scars can be treated and removed using specific enzymes that work within the skin. The skin will also look hydrated, have pigmentation reduction, be brighter and with a more even skin tone and colour.

Chemical Skin Peels – depending on the skin type, skin tone, and skin colour a bespoke chemical peel may be the best solution for dehydrated, congested, and pigmented skin. They are a professional way to exfoliate the skin and promote new cell turnover.

Hydra Facial – this treatment has the advantage to exfoliate with microdermabrasion, hydrate, and renew the skin. It is perfect for compromised skin, congested skin, skin that is looked dull, tired, dehydrated, pigmented, and has uneven skin tone.

Microneedling / Skinneedling – This treatment will use micro needles which penetrate just the surface of the skin. They create small micro-injuries. This then stimulates natural healing for the skin which causes new cell turnover, collagen, and elastin. The skin will look more even-toned, smoother, brighter and firmer.