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Fibroblast “true” Plaxel Plasma is like no other Fibroblast Plasma treatment. Unlike many other Plasma treatments, no electrical arc is formed and no skin is burned. The treatment has minimal discomfort compared to other Plasma Pens. No red marks are formed and so the downtime recovery is far less. The overall experience of the treatment, and the dramatic results, are the best that I (Jacqui Bannister) has ever used as an advanced skin revisionist.

These skin concerns can be resolved with the unique new Plasma Pen: fine lines above the lips, drooping eyelids, puffy tired-looking eyebags, small acne scars and overall loose saggy skin on the face and loose sagging skin on the stomach.

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Are you suitable for Plaxel Plasma?

The Plaxel Plasma Pen is suitable for nearly all skin types and skin tones. The results on the facial treatments around the neck, lips, eyelids, eyebags, and cheeks are exceptional for skin types 1 through to light Fitzpatrick 5.

A patch test and full consultation are required prior to any Fibroblast Plaxel Plasma treatment taking place. We give you a full understanding of the treatment length, any discomfort, downtime, price, and of course the results of the Plaxel Plasma treatment.

Using Plaxel Plasma, we treat men and ladies from all over Bucks, Berks and the UK, for treatments to lift eyelids, remove saggy skin under the eyes, to rejuvenate ageing loose skin, treat acne scars and tighten the stomach, belly areas.

Fibroblast Plaxel Plasma Pen Beaconsfield
Eyebag Removal Treatment Buckinghamshire

What Skin concerns can be resolved with Plasma Pen?

Areas that are successfully treated with Fibroblast Plasma Pen using Plaxel are:

Eyebags –

Loose skin, wrinkly skin under the eyes. Once treated the Plasma will tighten the skin from just one treatment, and reduce the look of eyebags.

Eyelids –

The Plaxel Plasma Pen tightens and lifts the eyelid hoods. In doing so, the eyelids are lifted and the eyes become more open and visible

Loose, Crepey Skin on Neck –

Crepey loose skin on the neck gets significantly tightened with Plaxel Plasma. The tightening smooths the wrinkles and leaves the skin looking younger.


Eyebag Removal Treatment Buckinghamshire

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fibroblast "true" Plasma Pen?

Plasma is compromised of ionized gases. The ionized gases are charged with negative and positive charged ions, as well as negative charged electrons – this process forms the “true” Plasma when the ionizations hit the atmosphere. At the right distance from the skin, the energy ionizes the oxygen. This then combines with the nitrogen in the air, thus creating a small electrical Plasma arc.

When the Plasma arc hits the skin, it vaporises any liquid in the skin at the point of contact. The surrounding skin then contracts in at the area of contact, then tightens. This gives a shrinking and lifting effect which is called sublimation. The layers of skin get vaporised by the “true” Plasma, but do not burn off. The skin flakes off later as part of the healing process.

How long do the affects of Fibroblast Plasma Pen last?

It can vary from person to person, depending on their age, type of skin and their lifestyle choices. But in my experience, the affects are best from years 1 – 2, although for some people the effects can be very noticeable up to 5 years.

Is the Plaxel Plasma treatment painful?

The PlaxelPlasma Pen treatment is a non-surgical treatment. Unlike most other Plasma Pen treatments, there is no electrical arc touching and burning the skin. The white dots that form are not red in colour, as there is no burning. The treatment is therefore a lot less painful than most other Plasma Pen treatments. I have had both, and so can vouch that our “true” plasma has almost no feeling on the skin at all. “True” Plasma is formed using our technology and very minimal discomfort occurs. If any patient would feel more comfortable with the addition of a local anaesthetic numbing cream, then it is available to them,

How long is the treatment with Plaxel Skin Tightening Plasma?

Depending on the areas to be treated, each treatment lasts between 45 and 70 minutes. The number of treatments needed varies from person to person, and I would discuss this with you during our initial consultation.

What are the side effects of the Fibroblast Plaxel Plasma treatment?

With “true” Plaxel plasma”, the downtime and after-affects are minimal. The little white dots which appear during treatment, turn slightly red after a day or so. There should not be too much swelling around the treated area. The red dots then form tiny flat scabs. These marks disappear at around the 5th day. New fresh, clear, glowing, tighter skin should then appear. The blemishes will have disappeared. As a non-surgical treatment with strict safety practices, Plasma Pen treatment for skin tightening eyebags, eyelids, and stretch marks has minimal downtime and side-affects. Advice on how to lessen any downtime is given at your consultation.

What will I be told about the Plaxel Plasma aftercare following treatment?

During your initial consultation, you will be advised on the aftercare needed at home. It is very important to adhere to what you are told during the consultation and post-treatment. Your results will be significantly better and last longer if you are strict with your Plaxel Plasma Pen aftercare.
a) Do not touch the treated area for 48 hours
b) Avoid washing the area until any scabs have fallen off
c) Do not wash with any abrasive material for at least 7 days
d) Avoid direct sunlight until scabs have fallen off
e) Wear a minimum SPF 30 when going outside after 5 days

How do I prepare for the Plaxel Plasma procedure?

I would suggest that you wash your face with mild non-cosmetic soap. Arrive with no makeup or cosmetics. Let us know about any medical conditions or medications you are taking.

Is Plaxel Plasma a permanent skin tightening treatment?

Plaxel Plasma treatments are not permanent. However, the skin tightening affects after treating the eyebags, lifting the eyelid hoods or tightening the loose skin on your belly will last around 3 – 5 years. So although not permanent, it is a hugely viable alternative to plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery around the eyebags, eyelids, and belly.
Your age, skin type and severity of the condition will play a large part in how successful the treatment is, how many treatments of Plasma you may need, and the number of years that the wonderful effects of smooth tight skin, last.
What is generally found is that the results can be seen within the first month. The skin continues to tighten and lift as more and more collagen is produced and fibroblast cells are stimulated over the coming months and years.

Which areas can I have skin tightening treatment with "true" Plaxel Plasma Pen?

Which areas can I have skin tightening treatment with “true” Plaxel Plasma Pen?

Where does the Plaxel Plasma Pen treatment take place?

Plaxel Plasma Pen treatments for skin tightening and stretch marks are carried out at the clinic out of the clinic in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire (Bucks). I see men and ladies from all over the county including Maidenhead, Cookham, Bourne End, Penn, Taplow, Beaconsfield, Wooburn Green, Marlow, Gerrards Cross, High Wycombe, Windsor, Henley and even Reading. So, if you are around those areas, then we would be happy to see you for a consultation and treatment, if applicable.