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Microneedling – Beaconsfield

Microneedling or skin needling as it is often called, has been hugely popular and highly successful with all of Jacqui’s clients over the years.  Depending on your consultation and skin type, it is highly likely that we would recommend microneedling / skin needling to plump, and add luminosity and softness to your skin.

If your skin concerns are dull skin, enlarged pores, skin texture, skin tone, loose skin, fine lines, scaring or stretch marks, then Jacqui Bannister (skin revisionist) may well advise microneedling to achieve the very best results in smooth, glowing NEW skin and these areas : forehead, cheeks, neck, decollete, hands, belly button area.

Microneedling – How does it work?

The microneedling process causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing. However, there is minimal damage to the cellular cells. We are in essence, helping your skin to regenerate new skin cells. These cells will produce new skin that is smoother, plumper, and healthy.

How many treatments are required?

Jacqui would recommend 3 – 6 treatments, taking place 4 – 6 weeks apart. The number of treatments will depend on how your skin type reacts to these treatments. Slightly older skin and alternative skin types will mean the number of treatments will vary.

If you are looking to smooth out and remove stretch marks around your belly button, then microneedling may be for you. Alternatively, if you have various scar types/scarring, then a microneedling / skin needling at the Beaconsfield clinic, may also be your best option for optimal results.

Microneedling or skin needling for acne scar before and after
microneedling and skin needling before and after

Am I suitable for Microneedling or Skin needling?

If you are 18 years of over then you will be a candidate for microneedling or skin needling. This treatment is that it is suitable for any skin colour, skin type or skin tone. It maybe that you are looking for help to get your skin tighter, plumper or younger looking. It may be that you have some old acne scars you need to have non-surgically removed.

Whatever your reason to consider microneedling, your consultation with our Jacqui Bannister, will determine if you are suitable.

You are in safe experienced hands and you will only be prescribed a treatment plan if it is right for your skin.

microneedling and skin needling before and after

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microneedling / Skin Needling Safe?

Yes, Microneedling / Skin Needling is skin safe. It must be performed by a trained skin expert and professional. Jacqui Bannister has many years of experience in microneedling and will always perform a skin consultation at one of her clinics in Berks or Bucks to determine your suitability to the safe treatment.

How does Microneedling or Skin needling work?

Microneedling or skin needling works by creating micro-injuries to the skin. I would then apply a specific serum (depending on the skin issue being treated). The needles are adjusted depending on the skin type and skin zones being treated. The micro-needles create many thousands of micro-perforations, creating micro-channels. These help absorb the serum into the skin. Those micro-injuries stimulate collagen and elastin, which rejuvenates the skin and smoothes out scarring. Complimentary LED is offered within the treatment to heal, repair, accelerate healing, and give faster results.

Am I suitable for Microneedling or Skin needling?

Microneedling or skin needling is suitable for men and women of all ages, and of any skin tone or colour. There may be contraindications which is why a full consultation is necessary before it is determined how to proceed with treatment. An initial phone call will also help determine if micro-needling is suitable. It may be for instance that you have aggressive acne and the acne should be treated first by me. It might be that you, as a patient are not old enough to have this slightly invasive treatment. You are in safe experienced hands and will only prescribe a treatment plan if it is right for your skin.

Which skin issues can Microneedling or Skin needling resolve?

Acne scars / Acne scarring; dull skin; ageing skin; lack of skin texture; enlarged pores; fine lines; wrinkles; skin tone; photo ageing, moderate skin laxity, hyperpigmentation.

Do I need to do anything specific after treatment?

I advise keeping your hands away from your face for a few hours post-treatment.
After a few hours, hydrate and moisturize your skin as is needed.
Avoid direct sunlight for 3 days if at all possible.
Apply SPF 30 as a minimum regularly before you go outside. You will be given some to take away with you.
Avoid excessive exercise that may cause sweating.
Mineral makeup only, after 24 hours.
Do not apply any active ingredients for at least 72 hours post-treatment (eg. vitamin c, retinol and peels)

How many treatments to get the results we hope for?

I would always recommend between 3 to 6 treatments. It depends on the skin issue, your age, the quality of your skin. I tend to advise 3 treatments and then see how the skin is developing after that. Doing too many treatments is definitely counter-productive to the skin.

Your treatments are generally spaced out around 4 – 6 weeks apart. This gives the cellular skin cells time to revise and regenerate as collagen and elastin re-produces.

Can I wear make up during the treatment?

All make up should be removed before the treatment. This can be done at the clinic if necessary. It is very important to remove the make up and any foundation because the pores will be opened up during treatment and we need to avoid bacteria penetrating the skin. Your face will be cleansed also.

Is a local anaesthetic used prior to treatment to help any discomfort.

Yes. A local anesthetic numbing cream is applied on the skin prior to your treatment. This alleviates any mild discomfort that may be experienced.

How old do I need to be to have microneedling or skin needling?

How old do I need to be to have microneedling or skin needling?

Is your Microneedling device medical grade?

Yes. Our Microneedling device is medical grade. We have determined that this device is the safest in the market. It has different sizes micro needles, depending on the purpose of the treatment. Some skins and some skin conditions will have different size needles.
Jacqui Bannister at Skin Revision, is highly qualified and holds all the necessary certificates, having been using micro needling on her patients since 2005.