Blood Spots

Blood Spot and Cherry Angiomas removal in Beaconsfield

Blood Spots / small red spots treatment

Blood spots are harmless and often appear on the face, chest, abdomen, tummy or back. They are also known as Cherry Angiomas or Campbell de Morgan. These tiny red blood spots are generally very small but they can appear larger and in more of a purple colour.

Often appearing as the individual gets older, they are easily, safely, and quickly removed using VeinAway. The pinpoint accuracy of VeinAway is able to target the blood spots and kill them off at their roots by nullifying their blood supply. The Blood spots / Cherry Angiomas will soon come off naturally after a short period of time.

The procedure is safe, effective and permanent, with instant visible changes, carries no risk of skin staining.

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Blood Spot and Cherry Angiomas removal in Beaconsfield

Is it painful to have the Blood spots removed?

There is minimal discomfort during 5 minute treatment and no discomfort following the treatment.

What are Cherry Angiomas / Campbell de Morgan?

Cherry Angiomas are small red lesions (1 mm – 5 mm in diameter). They are light to dark red in colour and can appear anywhere on the body. Generally they appear to those over the age of 30. They are the most common type of angioma, although not cancerous or harmful.

The direct cause of cherry angiomas is unknown. But research has identified several reasons that can cause these blood spots/  Cherry Angiomas to appear on your skin, including:

  • Ageing.
  • Pregnancy (hormones).
  • Genetic mutations.




Blood Spot and Cherry Angiomas removal in Beaconsfield

Following your treatment to remove yourCherry Angioma

  • Listen to the aftercare instructions given to you at the Skin Clinic
  • Wash only with gentle soaps that are not scented
  • Avoid deodorants in the area of treatment
  • Avoid using abrasive substances or scrubs
  • Avoid makeup
  • Avoid steam rooms and saunas
  • Avoid excessive activity for the following 72 hours if possible
  • Do not rub or itch the treated area
  • The colour of the area may look a little different on the skin. Your skin will return to its normal colour within a week or so.
Blood Spot and Cherry Angiomas removal in Beaconsfield

from £75

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after the blood spot treatment?

You will be advised in detail before and after your treatments of what you can expect, and what you should not do to the treated area.

Where can I go to have the Blood spots / Cherry Angiomas removed?

Our clinic to remove the Blood spots / Cherry Angioma / Campbell de Morgan is in Beaconsfield on Station Parade.

Are the little red spots on my back, chest and groin, Blood spots?

It is likely they are blood spots. A quick, free consultation over the phone with photographs, will be able to determine what they are and how we will remove. them.

How many Cherry Angiomas can be treated?

In just one visit it is normally possible to remove all the blood spots on your face or body.

Why are women who are pregnant at more of a risk for cherry angiomas?

Cherry Angiomas are often seen among ladies who are pregnant. Studies show that hormones may be a factor in the development of these blood spots on the skin during pregnancy. Often, Cherry Angiomas or blood spots will reduce in size or disappear on their own) after the baby is born.

How old do you have to be to have Blood Spots / Cherry Angioma removed?

We can only treat from age 10 years and upwards

What are other names for a Cherry Angioma?

Cherry Angiomas or Blood Spots on the skin are also called Campbell de Morgan or Senile Angiomas (used when referring to their appearance in older adults.
Cherry Hemangiomas are very similar in how they look, but are made of different cells. Angiomas are benign growths made of blood vessels or lymphatic vessels, whereas Hemangiomas are small growths made of blood vessels only. Cherry angiomas are most commonly associated with adults whereas Hemangiomas can also appear in early infancy and through the childhood years.

Are the Blood Spots / Cherry Angiomas dangerous?

Cherry angiomas aren’t dangerous or harmful. They’re benign growths that can easily be confused with melanoma and moles. Cherry Angiomas are not a sign of cancer.

What should I do if my Cherry Angioma is bleeding?

Cherry Angiomas / Campbell de Morgan blood spots are little bumps on your skin’s surface and could easily be scratched accidently. This could cause bleeding. If they do bleed, you should treat the area by cleaning it and applying antibacterial ointment and cover lightly with a bandage.

Will my Cherry Angiomas come back after I get them removed?

Sometimes cherry angiomas may return after treatment.