Acne Scars

Acne Scars and treatment before and after in Buckinghamshire

Acne Scars – Beaconsfield

Following acne, there are primarily four types of acne scars and acne scarring that we treat at Skin Revision.

  • Post inflammatory scarring – erythema or hyperpigmentation scaring caused by acne.
  • Vascular scarring – sometimes caused by acne it shows as marks reddish in colour due to thin blood vessels near surface.
  • Ice Pick acne scarring – small deep holes in the surface of your skin. They resemble puncture wounds.
  • Box scarring – they are oval or round craters showing on the skin’s surface.
  • Rolling scars – They are caused by layers of scar tissue forming under the skin. This gives the surface of the skin an uneven appearance.


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Acne Scars and treatment before and after in Buckinghamshire

What is the best treatment for Acne scars on the face and back?

There is no quick fix to treating acne scars but there are different options for treatments, given to you during your skin consultation.  Depending on the type of scar, age of the scar, and your skin type, you will be prescribed the correct treatment plan to resurface your skin and left with significant improvements to any facial or body acne scarring.

Most of the acne scarring appears on the face, back and chest You will be advised on the best treatment for the type of acne scars or acne blemishes that you are looking to have treated.

The consultations are free of charge and will last about 15 minutes,  with no obligation to proceed. During your consultation, you may be offered a choice of treatments including micro-needling /skin needling, DMK enzymes, a chemical peel or Jet Plasma for your acne scar treatments.

Post Acne scar treatment

There is a small amount of downtime following your treatment for the scars.  Whether you have DMK or micro- needling/skin needling, your face will be red. This redness will subside during the day. LED does help calm the skin down. Should it be decided that Jet Plasma is the better option for your acne scars, you will find zero after-affects or downtime. LED light therapy with us is always beneficial however.


Acne Scars and treatment before and after in Buckinghamshire
Acne Scars and treatment before and after in Buckinghamshire

When will the results of the Acne Scar treatment be seen?

Removing acne scars, especially on more mature people can take a number of treatments. The age of the acne scars also plays a big part. The older the scar, the less likely to get totally smooth resurfaced skin after treatment. However, you will notice a significant difference.

No matter what type of acne scar you have or your age and skin type, it is advisable to have LED light therapy to speed up the healing process of your treatment. Your results are always better with LED.

Jacqui has been successfully treating the various types of acne scaring since 2008 and is reknowned for her extensive knowledge and correct treatment for particular scars. A free consultation is a good starting point.


Acne Scars and treatment before and after in Buckinghamshire

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you treat acne scars on the face, chest and back?

We can treat acne scars on the common areas of the back, chest, and, most commonly, the face. The end results are the same

Is the treatment for acne scars painful?

With DMK there is no discomfort. With micro-needling/skin-needling, there is a little discomfort. However, the numbing cream offered before the treatment nullifies any real discomfort.

What do I do before the treatment?

We would recommend that you remove any makeup or sun cream. We ask that you take no prescribed medication for at least 3 hours before your appointment time.

How are ice pick scarring and box scarring treated?

Ice Pick and Box scarring are caused by more aggressive and severe acne. Micro-needling would be recommended for both ice pick and box scarring. This method of treatment produces more Collagen and produces is quicker. In doing this the skin becomes plumper and fuller and flattens out the scars. We would then recommend LED light therapy. LED will help heal, strengthen, and hydrate the skin.

How long does acne scar treatment last?

It will last up to 90 minutes

What are the side effects of acne scarring treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, some redness may be visible for up to 48 hours. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be worried about. We advise you to stay out of direct sunlight for the first 48 hours and wear SPF 50 sun cream as advised by a senior skin therapist at the clinic.

How does Acne Scar treatment work?

Acne scar treatment works in two ways. With DMK we use the scar revision technique. This involves the use of enzyme hydrolisation and a mix of other solutions and safe paraben-free acids. These may be alkaline solutions and mild to moderate skin peels.  We may just use micro-needling or skin-needling. The hundreds of tiny needles placed on the skin, causes the skin to immediately wish to heal. This produces new cell turnover and new skin. The new skin produced over time, flattens the scar, causing is to diminish and often vanish.

Can acne scars heal on their own?

Acne scars do not go away on their own, they need help to disappear. Those older more sunken or depressed acne scars actually become more noticeable with age. Once the collagen and elastin levels get lower, it is that much harder for the skin to be strong and plump. Thankfully the Skin clinic has treatments that are able to reduce and even remove acne scars over the months of treatment. It is really important to come to us as soon as you feel an acne scar is permanent. The younger your skin, the more likely you will get cell turnover and renewal. By having these positive factors, the treatments will work quicker and the end results better.

What are the benefits of LED for acne scar treatment?

LED light therapy by Dermalux is a totally relaxing non-invasive treatments that targets specific conditions that require elimination, healing and repair. It has won multiple awards year after year and gains huge success in treating a manner of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea, pigmentation, wound healing and of course acne scars. It is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. The healing process and regeneration is far quicker, if the treatment is followed by the medically proven LED light therapy.

Will all the acne scars be removed or reduced?

It very much depends on the age of the acne scars, your skin type, your skin tone, the severity of the acne scars, the type of acne scars. It also depends on the ability of your skin to regenerate collagen and elastin to produce new skin cells. It is possible that some or all of the scars can be removed, but one is always realistic of the time frames that may be required to achieve this.