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Mole check in Beaconsfield

Mole Check – Beaconsfield

Have you seen a Mole that could be of concern?

Are you frustrated with having to wait for a physical appointment to see your GP to get your Moles checked?

Getting to see your GP takes time, sometimes many weeks. and . It can be an an anxious wait for patients. However, this can now be avoided. Our dermatology assessment of moles is extremely quick. The cost is £49 to assessment and provide recorded results.

By making an appointment with Jacqui Bannister here at the mole photography clinic in Buckinghamshire, you will get a full mole consultation and dermatoscopic assessment to look for potential melanoma. We work alongside UK consultant dermatologists for an expert analysis of your photographed mole. If the reports prove satisfactory, we can proceed with the mole removal, knowing the it is safe to do so.

Mole check in Beaconsfield

What can I expect during my Mole examination?

During a dermoscopic assessment, the dermoscope is placed onto the lesion for examination and to supply digital images. There is no discomfort felt during a dermoscopic assessment.

The images taken, are automatically sent over to our dermatologists for analysis. The results are back to you personally in around two working days.
If the moles are benign then we can remove them with CryoPen or Plasma. If any moles are cause for concern, you will be advised to seek a consultation with a local dermatologist.

Will the reports show signs of melanoma?

No. A formal diagnosis of any malignancy / skin cancer requires a biopsy (sample removed under anaesthetic) and an histological assessment.  However, our experts can help identify a suspicious mole that might need further investigation. This may eventually mean a biopsy.



Mole check through a dermascope
Mole check and screening in Beaconsfield

How to know if the Mole is a cause for concern?

First step is getting into good habits and checking your own skin and your own moles. This can be done with two mirrors or with the help of someone close. You are checking for changes of size, shape and colour of the mole.

ABCDE role – this is 5 simple things

A – asymmetry – you are looking to see if one half of your mole matches the other half. If it is not, then that is asymmetry, and the mole should be checked. B – border – if the border is abit fuzzy or has developed a new edge to it, then the border will be irregular and should be checked. C- colour – if you have more than one or two colours on the mole, especially if you have red and brown together, then that should be taken notice of. D – diameter – If the mole is more than 6mml in diameter or is getting bigger, than that is an unusual sign, and should be evaluated. E – Expert – you think your mole is changing or you are unsure about whether it’s changing, then you should book a consultation with us. We will be take the necessary dermatoscopic photos of the relevant moles of concern and initiate the assessment process.

Your scans will be sent off immediately to the dermatologist for examination. Within 2 working days, the report will have been finalised and sent to the clinic and you, the patient.

If there is anything of concern within the report, it will state to book a second opinion from another dermatologist.  They will advise as to whether to do a biopsy of the mole for examination or allow the mole to be removed safely with us.

Mole check and screening in Beaconsfield

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who checks my Moles?

Your moles are initially checked by Jacqui Bannister, who is the Skin Revisionist and owner at Skin Revision. The photographs sent off to our Dermatologist who will determine if the moles are suitable for treating at the clinic

What is Dermoscopy?

Dermoscopy, also known as dermatoscopy, is a skin examination that uses a dermatoscope. A dermatoscope is a magnifying lens that takes high resolution photos to allow the examination of the skin structure, and can be used to diagnose melenoma, skin cancer and to check moles. (mole mapping).

How long is the Mole check appointment.

Appointment times are 15-30 minutes

What if the findings of the Mole check are suspicious.

If the dermatologist decides that the findings of the Mole check are of concern, then the findings will be written in the report which is returned to the patient in around 48 hours. The patient would then seek the second opinion of their doctor or a dermatologist. At that particular appointment with your doctor or dermatologist, it may be that the mole in question needs to have an exision and sent off for a biopsy for further examination.

Which Moles are cancerous?

Not all moles are cancerous but those which have changed colour or are half brown and half red, maybe of concern.
Also these are signs that Moles could also be cancerous
Moles that have changed size and shape quickly over the weeks and months
Moles that are irregular in shape
Moles that seem fuzzy to look at.

How can I prevent getting cancerous Moles?

No one is immune to getting cancerous moles. However, there are ways to minimise the risk
Wear SPF sun block every day, all year round, specifically on the face.
Cover your body as much as is possible.
Wear a hat in the sun or as much as possible if you are lacking hair on your head.
Check your own body regularly, especially your back, to see if there are any noticeable changes to any moles.

How much does it cost to have Moles checked privately?

At Skin Revision we charge £49 for a Mole check and analysis. The mole is scanned by us and sent to a Dermtologist for a detailed examination.

What are the sort of things you are looking for when checking the Moles?

We would be asking; How long you have had the mole? Has the mole changed in size? Has the mole changed in colour? Has the mole got jagged and uneven edges? Does the mole itch? All these questions are relevant to us, even though we would be checking them ourselves.

How long before I receive the results of my mole check or mole map?

You will generally receive a report directly from the Dermatologist in around 48 – 72 hours.

Do you surgically remove the moles for exision and biopsy?

No. Our job is to check your moles professionally and work with our Dermatologist to show that there is nothing untoward with the mole or moles. All being well, we would then treat the moles or moles with CryoPen or Plasma. These are non-surgical procedures, are very safe, have minimal discomfort and excellent results.