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Treating acne and cystic acne at the highest level is something that I, Jacqui Bannister, have been doing at both my advanced skin clinics since 2002. I have successfully treated acne in adults, teenage acne, hormonal acne, menopausal acne, pregnancy acne, acne from stress, acne from bad diet or a combination of any of them.

Acne can destroy lives. As a previous acne sufferer with a child and husband that also suffered bad facial and back acne, I understand and can empathise with those who suffer mild or severe acne.

I am an award-winning skin revisionist who trained under Dr Montague Kind (DMK) in California, and am pleased to have reached the highest level in advanced acne certification and treatments.

Making a difference to the lives of those who are suffering with acne is my passion and I impart all my knowledge to every patient I see, in order to make the positive changes in their skin.

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Jacqui Bannister Profhilo injector Beaconsfield

How is the Acne cleared?

After an in-depth consultation, I will be able to get a full understanding of the extent of the acne condition, a good understanding of the causes and be able to devise a treatment plan to reduce and eradicate the acne. It is likely that I will use DMK, who I have been working with for years in both my clinics. Myself and DMK will work together to get to the root of the acne and eradicate the bacteria that is continuously pushing itself to the surface, creating spots, pimples, spots, and acne.  We start with the cause and begin a journey together return your unblemished skin.

Each acne treatment will be tailored to your specific skin. Your skin colour, the severity and age of the acne, your age and your skin sensitivity are just some of the considerations I bear in mind when prescribing your bespoke in-clinic and acne homecare plan.

Acne treatment before and after teenager
Acne treatment before and after on black skin

Why does the DMK treatment work so well?

The DMK active medical-grade skincare works with your own skin’s chemistry to bring the acne bacteria to the surface, remove it and rebuild the skin to its natural and youthful level. It will become clear, smooth, and hydrated following a strict treatment plan for your bespoke skin.

When will the results of the acne treatment be seen?

Each of your acne treatments will last between 75 and 90 minutes. They are many different facets to the treatment but all play a significant role in prepping the skin and penetrating deep into the dermis and your body’s own chemistry, to remove the bacteria from within.

This bacteria arrives at the surface of the skin and forms the blackhead, blemishes, spots, pimples and cystic acne.

The paramedical paraben free ingredients used by me in the clinic and prescribed for homecare have be rigorously researched and tested. With my extensive knowledge and experience in working with DMK for acne, I am able to provide the most successful acne treatments for my patients.

Acne treatment before and after on black skin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Acne treatment hurt?

There are different sensations during the whole process. The treatment is full of a number of different products but there is no discomfort at any stage.

What will be skin look like after the Acne treatments?

Your skin will be red immediately after your skin treatment for acne and spots. You will be advised of the quickest way to reduce the redness. In just an hour your skin will have settled down again. It may be a little sore for that first hour and you will be advised accordingly during and after the treatment on how to reduce that soreness.

Do I wear makeup before the Acne treatment?

No. We advise removing all makeup and cosmetics before you arrive for your acne treatment in Beaconsfield.

How long will it take for the spots and Acne to go?

This is not a quick and immediate fix. So you are on a journey of possibly a few months of treatments and homecare products. The products are applied by ourselves and you will be working underneath the dermis layers of the skin during and after your first treatment. They will continue to work and bring out the bad bacteria to the surface. Once that is done, the skin revises and treatments and products change. This is to help rebuild the skin, strengthen it, and make it glow again.

Where is the skin clinic for Acne in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Not too far from Berkshire but the acne clinic is at the Skin Revision Clinic in Beaconsfield, near Gerrards Cross, High Wycombe, Marlow, and Maidenhead

Do you treat Acne in children and teenagers?

Children and Teenage spots and Acne – yes, certainly
Our families were once upon a time acne sufferers in our teenage years. Another reason we are so passionate about resolving this serious acne issue for teenagers is that we understand the embarrassment and pain that acne and spots bring. So we have empathy and sympathy. We can all work together to resolve this skin condition.

Do I have to use home care products for my Acne ?

Yes. DMK Skin Revision is a combination of in-clinic bespoke paradmedical skin treatments and DMK homecare products. We cannot sell DMK products without the in-clinic skin treatments, and vice-versa. We are here at the clinic to bring you acne results and the homecare is your means of continuing your treatment before coming back to the clinic for a further treatment (1 – 4 weeks). Your acne homecare is prescribed to you on the day and will very much help your skin to become smoother, brighter, clearer with a far better texture – glowing!

Are lasers used for any Acne treatment?

No lasers are used to treat acne. We used prescribed paramedical skin treatments with ingredients and formulations put together by DMK in the USA. Dr. King is a pioneer in creating solutions for acne sufferers. Jacqui has been using DMK since 2009 and has seen first-hand her clients (and other clinics using DMK), lives have been turned around. Their confidence and self-esteem returned.

Are there lifestyle changes or habits that can help improve the Acne on my face and back?"

There are a number of factors that cause acne, of which many are very relevant to teenagers. It is very important to regularly eat a balanced diet. A good diet will have the best fat as opposed to the bad fats. Bad fats are found in food such as processed meat. Good fats can be found in foods such as avocado. It is important to stay hydrated with water and not sugary drinks such as sodas and energy drinks. Endeavour to alleviate stress as much as possible from your life. Exams and social issues can however cause the stress that is difficult to avoid. Lastly your genes. If acne, spots and pimples are herediatory within your family, there is a chance that acne could develop because of that, no matter how good your diet etc is.

How often should I wash my face to prevent Acne?

You should make washing your face with a scent-free soap a regular occurance but to wash only in the evening and morning. The skin naturally produces oils and part of its own biological process and it is necessary to allow it to do this. Do not exfoliate your face harshly with scrub as this may open up the pores to much and allow blackheads to form. Your best soaps should be provided from your skin specialists.