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The appearance of puffy bags or eye bags under the eyes is most common in adults. The main cause is the lack of collagen and elasticity in the skin which causes the area under the eyes to loosen and sag. The skin becomes tighter and lifted after the Plaxel plasma skin treatment, due to brand new collagen and elastin being formed.

Plasma is liquefied gas, but does not exist naturally. It is created by ionizing with oxygen. This process happens when it leaves the Plaxel plasma device and points to any area of the skin to be treated. The Plaxel needle does not touch the skin, as the plasma gas jumps from the handpiece to the skin. Fibroblast cells are then stimulated deep into the dermis to produce fresh collagen and tighter skin.

£250 (incl both eyes)

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When will I see results from the Eyebag treatment?

The Plaxel treatment is a non-surgical / non-ablative Blepharoplasty. Opposed to older forms of Fibroblast Plasma Pen, the “true / real” plasma does not burn the skin instantly or have the pain that older procedures have.

You will see a significant reduction in any puffiness or saggy skin under the eyes after one treatment, but it is common for two or three treatments to be had for the very best results. Your skin will be left smoother, tighter and flatter. You will look less tired, as the areas under your eyes will remain with reduced bags and tighter skin, for years to come.

Eyelid lift treatment. Lifting of droopy eyelids hoods with Plasma pen in Beaconsfield
Eyebag Removal Treatment Buckinghamshire

Is there any discomfort or damage to the skin?

The treatment is performed under a local cream anaesthetic, and so only occasional minor discomfort is felt. The plasma created is natural, and unlike like older less successful methods to treat eyebags, it does not produce an electrical arc or burn the skin. There is no damage to the skin.

How does the treatment compare to surgery?

Your consultation will allow Jacqui to assess whether you should undertake this safe treatment. You will be advised of alternatives to Plaxel plasma,  if we do not think you are a suitable candidate for it. In comparison to surgery, you will find the treatment has less discomfort than surgery,  is more generally more affordable, and has a shorter downtime post-treatment.

How will the areas around the eyes look after treatment?

You will find a significant reduction in any puffiness or saggy / puffy skin under the eyes. The skin will be flatter, tighter, contracted, smoother, less tired, hydrated to leave your face looking younger for years to come. Faint white dots will have occurred during and after treatment. These will soon turn to micro scabs, which then fall off naturally in the coming few days.

Eyebag Removal Treatment Buckinghamshire

from £250 (incl both eyes)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment permanent?

Results are not permanent and will not last as long as for those who had surgery for the treatment. Depending on the individual’s skin and lifestyle, we expect the tightening of the skin under the eyes to last around 3 years.

What can I expect to happen to the treated area after treatment?

You will be given full aftercare instructions and a lengthy brief in the clinic. It is critical to adhere to the aftercare instructions to a) achieve the very best results possible and b) keep the area safe from damage, infection, and scaring.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

We ask you not to apply any cosmetics or makeup before your visit to us. We will need to know about any recent medical conditions and medications taken at that time.

What are the side effects of Plasma Pen?

You will find that the white dots around the treated area around the eyes, will remain for a couple of days. They will then turn slightly red in colour and slight swelling may occur. Whilst drinking more water than normal and with the right amount of care (as per instructions) the swelling will be kept to a minimum) Around a week later, the healing will be complete with no sign of swelling or red marks. Within 3-4 weeks we would suggest that you can go back to your normal daily routine of skincare but keep applying a minimum of SPF30 to the treated area, even on cloudy days.

Which areas can I have Plasma Pen?

We specifically treat the areas around the eyes, under the eyes, the eyelids, cheeks, above the lips, and loose skin around the belly/tummy.

Is the treatment painful?

A local anaesthetic will be offered before your treatment. However, the Plaxar Plasma Pen is like no other. There is not the discomfort associated with most other Plasma Pens. There is no electrical current that may cause the burning of the skin. Most clients do not go for any numbing cream.

How long does a session last?

Depending on the areas to be treated, you will find each treatment will last around 30-40 minutes. If more than one area (eyes are one area) are being treated, then a second appointment is generally required. It is not uncommon for two treatments of the same area to be required. A chat at the Beaconsfield clinic with the advanced skin therapist will allow you to discuss all options.

How do I book a consultation?

If you are ready to book a consultation, click the enquiry button below. We look forward to answering all your questions.

How long will the results last?

Depending on the individual’s skin and lifestyle, results tend to last around three years.

What is the main difference between the traditional Plasma Pen and Plaxel Plasma

Plaxel Plasma is “true” Plasma. Real Plasma is formed when the ionized gases combine with Oxygen. This creates natural heat which causes the skin cells to develop trauma and naturally renew and the skin tighten. Previous older Plasma devices produced an electrical arc which often burned the skin, causing a smell of burnt skin. The skin would immediately develop micro scabs from the burnt skin, The results were not natural and often the treatment would not work successfully.